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* Boreal Forest

* Nuisance Wildlife Photo Exhibit

The Boreal Forest

The world’s boreal forest is the world's largest forest region, greater than the Amazon Basin, because it circles the Northern Hemisphere forming a ring across the top of the earth. It is circumpolar spanning across many northern countries such as Canada, Russia, Norway, Finland and Sweden.  

Nearly one-third of the world’s boreal forest is located in Canada. This ancient forest and wetland ecosystem provides essential ecological services, such as cleaning our drinking water, filtering the air we breathe and absorbing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Its vast size regulates climate patterns on a global scale and its protection is imperative if we are to stop the impact of climate change and the extinction of numerous forest depended species.

Where you can make an immediate difference - as a consumer.

  • Make your home a paper-free environment - as best as you can.

  • Purchase ONLY 100% recycled paper products. Recycled paper always contains some original wood fibre to increase its strength but it is still the better choice than paper products from original resources.  

  • Choose unbleached paper products - paper that is not brilliant white.

Here are some examples:

  • Staples carries 100% recycled paper for printers.

  • Cascade is a Canadian company from Quebec that was first to sell 100% recycled toilet paper.  Their success has now be copied by other toilet paper companies but please remember Cascade was the first to offer consumers an alternative choice. They also make paper towels.

  • If you don't have a messy household, then please swap out paper towels for cloth towels.

  • Hundreds of millions of babies were raised with cloth diapers.  Please limit the use of disposal diapers to only those times when travelling. Swap out throw away diapers with cloth diapers when at home.

  • Women's products made from soft cotton are as absorbent than any disposal product.  Please consider switching to cotton products for home use instead of disposal feminine hygiene products. 

Need Lumber?

There are several wood supply companies that offer salvaged wood, mostly salvaged from old barns and homes.  This wood likely originates from old growth trees and therefore offers a better wood quality.  New wood is likely cut from fast growing commercial tree plantations.  

Red Pine Plantation near Sudbury Ontario

Nuisance Wildlife Photo Exhibit

This exhibit is part of a broader campaign to foster a greater appreciation for common wildlife and promote a policy of peaceful co-existence.

White-tailed Deer, Double-crested Cormorants, Black Bear and the North American Coyote have been chosen to highlight the plight of ‘nuisance’ wildlife in Ontario. All have been negatively portrayed as 'nuisance' and have suffered from brutal lethal government management programs.

The photographic exhibit accompanies a speaker series on living with wildlife or it can be a stand alone exhibit.

The photographs are large, approximately 0.5 metre by 1 metre.  

Please let us know of any public space, a restaurant, a yoga studio, a store, a school, anywhere, that you think will be open to hosting such an exhibit.  Thank You.

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