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PPC billboard

The Peaceful Parks Coalition launched their billboard campaign in Windsor, Ontario this month as part of their ongoing public outreach campaign to protect the Double-crested Cormorant.

The billboard is located on Walker Road, just south of E.C. Row expressway, facing south onto northbound traffic. Windsor Ontario was chosen as the site of the first billboard because of its proximity to Point Pelee National Park, the site of a brutal killing program aimed at shooting thousands of nesting cormorants at Middle Island.

Middle Island is located in the middle of Lake Erie almost to the Ohio border, and is part of the greater Lake Erie Archipelago Islands. It is managed by Parks Canada, and is part of Point Pelee National Park.

East Sister Island, also located in the archipelago islands, is a nature reserve managed provincially by Ontario Parks. It too hosts a colony of nesting cormorants of national significance. This month Ontario Parks announced their intention to kill nesting cormorants on East Sister Island.

Ontario Parks has already killed over ten thousands nesting cormorants at High Bluff Island, Presqu’ile Provincial Park on Lake Ontario, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority applies harassment techniques to discourage any further expansion of the cormorant colony at Tommy Thompson Park – currently the largest colonial water bird colony on the Great Lakes.

These government agencies work in tangent to ensure that all colonies of nesting cormorants across the southern Great Lakes are controlled leaving no place safe for these birds to nest and rear their young.

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