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Visit the Lake Erie Archipelago Islands

The Lake Erie Archipelago Islands are home to the most remote and diverse colonial bird colonies on the Great Lakes.

Colonial birds, such as great blue herons, black-crowned night herons, great egrets, and double-crested cormorants are present in numbers of national significance. The coastal area provides habitat for a variety of waterfowl and shorebirds, and herring gulls nest on the rocky shoreline.

The Peaceful Parks Coalition is organizing boat tours visiting the colonies of East Sister Island and Middle Island scheduled for May 26 and 27, June 2 and 3, and June 9 and 10, 2007.

The Lake Erie Archipelago Islands are a jewel in an otherwise congested and polluted Great Lakes. They are as undisturbed and wild as any area can be in the province. The dynamic but tranquility of the communal nesting bird colonies are both humbling and inspiring to witness.

Sadly, these two islands are scheduled for culling operations to dismantle the double-crested cormorant colonies. In doing so, these islands will be altered forever. This spring could be the last opportunity to witness their beauty untouched.


  • Cost is $100 per person. Tours are a full day and leave from Leamington Ontario.
  • Space is limited.
  • All boats are completely insured, medical certified and Transport Canada Safety inspected & approved.

For more information, please call 416 785 8636 or email us.

Organized by the Peaceful Parks Coalition, a non-profit organization.

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