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Cormorant Kill Bill - Dead

Bill 156, introduced by Liberal MPP Ernie Parsons and endorsed by Minister of Natural Resources David Ramsay, died into obscurity when the provincial government adjourned the legislature this month. Politicians won't sit again until after the provincial election in October 2007.

Bill 156 proposed to remove all protection for double-crested cormorants in Ontario so that residents would be allowed to kill them at will. The draconian bill would have once again allowed the wholesale slaughter of cormorants.

We thank everyone that signed our petition letter opposing Bill 156 and gave voice to this much-maligned bird. Your voice is the only voice these birds have.

However, we anticipate the bill will be introduced again next year. To date, this bill has been introduced twice in the last four years - once during the government of Ernie Eves and again under the McGuinty government.


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